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Learning to Weave: This book will teach you to weave and will provide good reference throughout your weaving career,it has solid instruction.
Weaving,Spinning and Dyeing: A hands on introduction to fiber work.
Sweaters from a New England Village: I am local to Harrissville NH , an old wool mill town that has been revived and own a Harrisville loom. Our local sweaters are fun to knit!
Glorious Color/Kaffe Fassett: The Fassett books are true Art books and Fassett is lauded as an Artist (I think it helps to be male and from England) there is no doubt about the creativity and value of his books.
Glorious Knits: Kaffe Fassett
Kaffe's Classics:
Traditional Aran Knitting: Knitting has many ethnic expressions and an impressive history. Soon you will want to use these stiches to design your own sweaters.
30 Quick sweaters to Knit for Children: Knitting for children takes the least time and makes for fun projects.
Baby Knits: Perfect for shower gifts and a wonderfull way to anticipate.
45 hats to Knit: Be creative!


The Family Garden: A garden is a good family project.
Houseplants: Houseplants purify the air and improve decor. The Boston Fern is a very effective air purifyer
How to Grow More Vegetables on Less Land than you ever Thought Possible: This is my favorite garden book. It is about French biodynamic gardening and involves companion planting as well as raised bed and compost planting.
Garden Design/Taylor: Once you have a few haphazard gardens you will be interested enough to check with the experts! Taylors Guides are recommended.
Winter Gardening/Taylors: You'd be surprised how far into the season that your garden will produce!
Water Saving Gardens/Taylors: Conserve,Conserve,Conserve, Save,Save,Save!
Vegetables and Herbs/Taylors:
Annuals/Taylors: Flowers that bloom yearly.
Roses/Taylors: More permanent decoration .


A Fair Wind for Troy/Doris Gates: A good story for daughters.
The Warrior Godess Athena/Doris Gates: Another archetypaly weaving story based on Greek mythology.
Lord of the Sky Zues/Doris Gates: A good story for sons.
A Wrinkle in Time/Lengle: A light and michevious travel across time.
A Swiftly Tilting Planet/Lengle: Travel in time to other planets.
Birds: These books are Golden Nature Guides. A collection of these will enhance a childs awareness of the natural world.
Butterflys and Moths:
Wild Flowers:
Reptiles and Amphibians:
Rocks and Minerals:


100 Hikes in the Alps: My favorite standard vacation in any city:an Art museum,a good local restaraunt, and a hike of a local mountain. This book tells of hikes in the Alps.
100 hikes in the Inland Northwest: There are books for hikes all over the US and World please e-mail me with specific inquries.
AMC White Mountain Guide: The AMC is the predominent hiking organization in the Whites.This book is standard. The Whites are where I hike.
50 Hikes in the White Mountains: More White Mountain hikes.
Appalacian Adventure: The famous trail from Georgia to Maine is a goal of many hikers.
The Appalachian Trail/How to Prepare and Hike: How many pairs of boots are required to hike the Appalachian Trail?This book has the answers.
Backwoods Ethics: I became a hiker because of activity involved with conservation ethics.
The Barefoot Hiker: I thought that a fellow club member was very eccentric when he hiked barefoot untill I tried it myself (on a 4000'mt). I reccomend the activity and this book!
The 2oz Backpacker: A light weight book for problem solving on the trail.
Map&Compass: Orienteering is a skill that is a sport and basic to responsible mountain hiking,it won't be outdated with the new electronic devices and is a lot of fun.


The Moosewood Cookbook: These reciepes by Katzen were served at the Moosewood restaurnt in N.Y..
The Enchanted Brocolli Forest: More reciepes by Katzen.
The Ayurvedic Cookbook: Use this book in context with the health section. it was co-authored by the wife of the famous Kripalu guru and is well presented.
Complete Guide to Macrobiotic Cooking : This book is authored by one of the inventors of macrobiotic cooking and is also usefull in context to the health section.