Painting Out Of A Backpack

I.Use materials that are small and light and inexpensive. A-Watercolor 1)I reccomend Yarka brand as they are very high quality and resonably priced with replacement cups. Choose the dry paints over tubes as it includes pallette and organization. 2)Cut paper down to size and use a variety. 3 full size sheets should be plenty fo your first 3 months or so. Use rectangles and squares and remember that a post card size painting can be framed and matted to a fuller size. 3)Use tubes to cover brushes to keep them safe they are expensive and should be cared for.BJ Brush cleaner and Preserver is a good product for out of studio painting.4)Carry two jars of water in order to keep brushes and therefore colors as clean and clear as possible, use purified water to avoid questions about chemicals. B.Pastels 1)Many colors can fit into a small 2"x3" tin such as the tins that peppermint altoids come in. 2)Small pastel paper of a variety of textures and colors is reccomended. C-Oils 1) These are best sketched with color notes and worked at home in the studio.a.Use small gessoed masonite boards these are archiaval.b.Often the spirit of nature can be maintained from the drawing, work to develpe this skill.c.color notes can aide memory, develope visual memory. II Sketchbook A-pencils hb and 2b and a kneaded eraser B-Use small containers like baggies so that these things are easily carried in a purse or glove compartment. C-drawings may be transfered to canvas III How to A-Contours of lansdscapes,simple lines. B.Use color notes to record and remind about light shadow and color and value, write on the drawing in the correct place paint over them, recall paint by # it can only help. c-Transfer to canvas, make photocopies of original drawings to remind. D-do not be a slave to reality use a mixture of memory and experience. E-Okay to return to site but keep in mind that colors will change with the day and hour it is often good to choose a subject that has been viewed many times and is aleady a part of your intuitive. VI Subject A- What excites you. 1)a color 2)an object 3) a contrast 4) light 5)a landmark V Method A-The way You are used to seeing. 1)photos 2)paint by # 3)acaedemically trained. 4)shapes 5)color (inspiration) 6)countour, outlining VI Travel light A-send stuff home via parcel post 1)frame at home.DO THIS INSTEAD OF USING A CAMERA FOR A PERSONAL VACATION!ENJOY!

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