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Big Night,Breaking the Waves,Antonias Line,The Crucible,Remains of the Day,Ledgends of the Fall,Doctor Zichvago, Out of Africa, Angels and Insects,Emma, Horseman on the Roof, French Twist, The Grass Harp, Portrait of a Lady, A Walk in the Clouds, Jude, Losing Chase, Stealing Beauty,Cold Comfort Farm, The Postman, Two Deaths, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Babbetts Feast, Like Water for Chocolate, Moll Flanders, Circle of Friends, The White Baloon, When night is Falling, If Lucy Fell, Sex and the Other Man, Picture Bride, Sabrina, Substance of Fire, Thieves, Ridicule, Prisoner of the Mountains,The Pillow Book,Seven Years In Tibet,My Favorite Season,Kolya,Paradise Road,To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday,Umbrellas of Cherborg,For Rosanna,Dark Prince,Twelfth Night,Temptress Moon,Eve's Bayou,Ripe, The Myth of Fingerprints,*****The Tango Lesson,Mrs. Brown,*****Oscar and Lucinda,Jerusalem........ At this point I could teach a course on contemporary film! Local video stores are selling posters for a pitance maybe we can wheel and deal or trade. I would enjoy discussing plot and phychology of these films with you if you care to comment.

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Deborah Stones Bookstore: My virtual bookstore will give you my review of my favorite books as well as a link that will allow you to make purchases.
ECONOMY WALKING TOUR-LONDON-WALES-IRELAND: I am looking for 10 persons to travel with for 16 days in Oct. of 1999.
August 97 Show at Art Quest: This site includes a photo of me hiking in the mountains,and lots of my paintings with explainations of my work.
Maynard Elliot Inc.Fine Art Appraisers: This site connects you to Dr. Darragh Elliott who helps promote and lend credibility to artists with his valuable appraising service (reasonably priced also!)
GUESTBOOK: Please sign in and tell me about yourself! This is also a good place to leave a small advertisement or to share with me your homepage URL.
A Group of Philisophically Minded Artists: We are building an Arts community at this excite location,photos can be shared here, stop in to see mine!
Painting Out Of A Backpack: This is the outline I prepared for my visit to the Nantucket Youth Hostel, where I gave a talk.
The Sharon Arts Center Web Page: This is the Arts organization local to where I live,quality here is very high.
Sketching the Nantuket Surf and Collecting Art While Travelling in YH's: These are informal informative talks that are presented to groups.


****SPRING HAS ARRIVED!and though winter was mild I am glad of it! I biked all winter long in snow and ice and was gratefull for sunny days. This year was so warm that I did not spend time checking with fellow hikers about the saneness of outdoor activity in 8 degrees below zero weather, it did not get that cold! I did make it North (to the White Mt National Forest) a few times for skiing and hiking and I must admit shopping. I knitted the obligatory sweaters involved with Winter (I am concerned with the value of living fully and must take time to complete contemplative activity rather than charge ahead at full heart rate!) and am looking forward to Summer activity.9/28/98 We are heading into Autumn and soon it will be color season, after biking about 100 miles a week in hot weather I do not think it so incredible to bike in ice and snow, it seems much more comfortable.I might not knit this Winter as I have found designer sweaters for sale at $6.00 and have an abundance of them ...I am getting good at shopping! My big project has been to aquire a potters wheel and kiln and it is my intent to reclaim skills from highschool and college. I am serious about the developement of contemplative and considered intellect and find this to be a true function of the skills involved in the Arts. I lead a few trips hiking in the mountains and was pleased to meet not one, but 3 mychology experts (mushroom hunting) and have begun to develope a new skill! Did you know that one mushroom network can cover the entire state of Michigan? They are an ethereal concern and I have been lucky to find real experts.My big treat this summer was to give a demonstration and talk at the Nantucket Youth Hostel about "Painting Out Of A Backpack" in exchange for 3 nights as their guest,click on this url for an outline.It is wonderfull to visit the ocean when you are a mountain hiking landlubber!5/99 Its Spring again and not much has changed but it is still good!

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