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The Alchemical body:Siddha Traditions in Medieval India: Siddha means enlightened being and the alchemical body refers to the field of energy that surrounds the body. (sort of the field of vitality that you sense in different persons)
Richard Hittleman's 28 Day Excercise Plan: This is a simple yoga book. Inexpensive, from the 1960's (you'll love the hairdos),and an easy start. It was one of my first yoga books.
Light On Yoga: This is a collection of classic yoga asanas performed by Iyengar himself.
Be Here Now: This is a classic! It reads like a fairy tale and has wonderfull drawings.
The Sivananda Companion to Yoga: This book contains general advice as well as excellent photographs that inspire.
Acu-Yoga: Acupressure is a technique of placing pressure on sensitive points of the body in order to improve bodily energies. This book combines acupressure with yoga.
Advanced Pranic Healing: This book uses a color system in understanding the subtle energy fields of the body.
Ayurveda, Life Health and Longevity: Svaboda was studying to be a Doctor when he was seduced by Aurveda which is an ancient system of health from India.
Ayurveda The Science of Self Healing: How to begin practicing Ayurveda in your own health regimen.
The Ayurvedic Cookbook: This book shows you how to prepare meals for your own constiturion.


The Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini: This book is one of the best autobiographies ever written and it was written in the 1500's by a renound sculptor and goldsmith. It is full of ravishings ,dungeons,Kings and the creation of great Art.
Helen Frankenthaler/A Paintings Perspective: Frankenthaler is a colorfeld painter.
Frankenthaler:Santa Fe Series: This is a book of pastels featuring Frankenthalers lush color.
Frankenthaler: This is the classic work on Frankenthaler written by John Elderfield her foremost biographer.
The Collected Writings of Robert Motherwell: Motherwell was married to Frankenthaler and also a colorfield painter. This book published after his death contains most of his writings. Motherwell was the cerebral spokesperson for the movement.
Robert Motherwell on Paper: This is a book of works on paper by Motherwell.
Vermeer and His Milieu /a web of social history: Vermeer painted at a time when the conditions for masterly painting were prominent.
Vermeer and the Art of Painting: Vermeer's masterly paintings were painted over long periods of time and used layers of paint and inventions such as the camera obscura. Artists were scientists in Vermeers time.
Jan Vermeer /Master of Arts Seires: This is a paperback of Vermeers work. He painted 32 works in his life.
The Color Compendium: An encyclopedia of most of our knowledge about color.
The Art of Color: Itten is the most prominent color theorist and this is his largest book.


Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology: From ancient Egypt to tales of Africa,its all here.
The Mythic Tarot: First came myth,then came the tarot, then came modern phychology. This is a delightfull presentaiton of tarot and myth. It displays the function of myth with the intuitive with artistic drawing.
The King Must Die: A story by Mary Renault about Theseus, written in readable and entertaining prose.
The Mask of Appollo: Another readable title by Mary Renault.
The Marriage of Cadmus and Harmony: Translated from Italian,very insghtfull, dramatic and flowing.
A Fair Wind for Troy: A childrens book but enjoyable for adults,with a simple weaving of mythological theme for modern day readers.
Plato: His complete works for more serious study.Greek thought is what democracy is based on.
Aristophanes: Add the complete works of these plays to your serious sudy and enjoy some classic humour.
Homers Odyssey: Enjoy classic adventure.
Pindar's Victory Songs: Some more historical classic literature.


Wild Flowers,A Golden Nature Guide: Golden nature Guides are children oriented but also offer good and inexpensive introductions for adults. 12 more are listed in the childrens section.
Wildflowers: Stokes offers serious reference material concerning wild flowers.
Eastern Birds/Stokes:
Amphibians and Reptiles/Stokes:
Butterfly's,Gardening,Identification,and Behavior/Stokes:
Animal Tracking/Stokes:
Nature in Winter /Stokes:
Audobon Field Guides/ Birds: Audobon is a well known authority in wild life identification.


Diaries of Anias Nin vol1: Nin wrote 7 publised diaries,the originals are in a bank vault in CA. E-mail me if you wish me to add further volumes.
Delta of Venus/Erotica: Nin's feminen style held through this assignment by a wealthy patron to write erotica proving that if it is authored by Nin it is some of the best work written.
Photographic Supplements to Anias Nin's Diaries: These photos from Nin's life are a delight and satisfy curiosity.
Henry and June: Anias Nin's intimate account of her relations with famed author Henry Miller and his wife June.
A Spy in the House of Love: A short story by Anais Nin
In Favor of the Sensitive Man and Other Essays: In her later years Nin became a spokesperson for feminism and womans relation to man.
Dear and Glorious Physician: A book by Taylor Caldwell,well researched,well ploted, good prose, and about Biblical times and the life of St. Luke.Romantic.
I Judas: Further developments of the above with an interesting theory. (well researched)
The Ruin of Kasch: Another book by Calasso (who is listed in the Mythology section, Cadmus and Harmony) much less smooth, something of a ruin but with incredible and unusual knowledge.
The Bull From the Sea: By Mary Renault,,readable and about ancient times. (author also listed under mythology)
Persian Boy: By Mary Renault
The Last of the Wine: By Mary Renault
Ecstasy is a New Frequency: Chris Griscom is the new age enlightener of Shirley MacLaine. She expresses herself with intellect and knowledge and with personal experience and interpetation.
Time is an Illusion: Griscom explains time.
Soul Bodies: More enlightened explanations from Griscom.
The Name of the Rose: Why are Italian translations allways good? This was a bestseller in 1980 and has stood the test of time it is scholarly,a love story,and a mystery story as well as a best seller.
The Moors Last Sigh: By Norman Rushdie, a rollicking and phychological adventure that is deeply passionate,unusual and feeling and quite cerebral.
A Wrinkle in Time: Lengle is like Griscom in her understanding of time,like Nin in her clear and individual expression and a n award winning childrens author. After all sorts of complexity a childrens book is refreshing
A Swiftly Tilting Planet: Lengle brings more advanced theory to the language of childrens fantasy.
A Wind in the Door: By Madelynn Lengle
Gods Fires: Patricia Anthony's recent book is rich in history and passion. Her characters are developed and dramatic.This is a book about the time of the Inquisition in Portugal with a Sci Fi cushion.
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